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Buddhist Psychology for Modern Living

with Gen Kelsang Choma, Resident Teacher Kadampa Meditation Center San Francisco  and SF Kadmapa Buddhist teachers | 3324 17th  Street | 415.503.1187

This 2 month course is a practical guide for developing and maintaining a light and positive state of mind.

Special price for pre-registration $100 (9 classes total) or $15 per class

Our Tuesday evening class includes guided meditation, followed by a talk on the topic. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

May 7:  Knowing Your Own Mind: The key to happiness with Julia Morales
May 14:  Understanding Emotions: Why do I feel this way with Julia Morales
May 21:  Making Good Choices: Constructive Views and attitudes with Gen Choma
May 28:  The Power of Intention: Creating our present and future with Gen Choma
June 4:  Learning to Pay Attention: Channeling our thoughts wisely with Gen Choma
June 11:  Being present: Practicing mindfulness and alertness in daily life with Gen Choma
June 18: Focusing the Mind: Training in Concentration with Kadampa Buddhist teacher
June 25:  Developing Insight: The Light of Wisdom with Kadampa Buddhist teacher
July 2:  The Psychology of motivation: Connecting with your own goodness with Kadampa Buddhist teacher