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Tharpa Publications

Tharpa Publications is the NKT-IKBU’s publishing company and the exclusive publisher of books by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Tharpa is a global organization with a growing number of locations around the world.  Besides books by Geshe Kelsang, Tharpa also produces a wide range of Buddhist audio, Buddhist prayer books, and Buddhist art.

All the profits received by Tharpa are donated to the International Temples Project, and these proceeds constitute a major part of the funds used to build Kadampa Temples around the world.

Therefore, every time you make a purchase from the Tharpa website or from a Kadampa Center bookstore, you are contributing to the development of Kadampa Temples worldwide.

You can buy many Tharpa products at the book store and gift shop at Kadampa Meditation Center  San Francisco and online.

One of the most concise presentations of the Buddhist path available in any Western language.