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International Temples Day Activities

Saturday, November 4

Torma making and special video showing of “40 Years of Kindness”.  More details below.

KMC San Francisco
3324 17th Street
San Francisco CA, 94110

Everyone welcome.  Free events.

Torma Making with Amy Peng


We are happy to announce that Amy Peng from KMC Hollywood will be joining us at KMC SF to support and guide us through making the traditional set of tormas for Dorje Shugden and his retinue that you see on many Kadampa Buddhist shrines around the world.  During this time, Amy will show us how to make the basic blissful and wrathful forms of tormas as well as techniques for making the decorations.

Everyone should feel welcome.  All you need is a good intention and a wish to learn.  Free. Please RSVP.

“A torma offering is a special offering of food made in order to gain spiritual attainments…The Vinaya Sutras teach that Sangha should offer tormas to the Three Jewels and to the Dharma Protectors to avert obstacles and gather all necessary conditions…”

– Guide to Dakini Land by Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Video showing of “40 Years of Kindness”
and short talk with Gen Kelsang Choma


Join us to celebrate International Temples Day and enjoy the newly released video “Celebrating 40 Years of Kindness” and a short talk with Gen Choma.
On the first Saturday in November, Kadampa Centers worldwide celebrate the International Temples Project.
According to Buddhist view, especially Mahayana Buddhist view, a Temple is a representation of Buddha’s Pure Land. Statues or images of Buddha are representations of Buddha’s body, stupas are representations of Buddha’s mind, and Dharma books are representations of Buddha’s speech. These are holy, precious objects.
For these reasons, I recommend building Temples as one of the best ways of benefiting other living beings…
-Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche