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The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. When our mind is peaceful,
we can be free from mental discomfort and worries, and are able to experience relaxation and
even happiness. If we train in meditation, our mind gradually becomes more and more peaceful
and positive, and we become able to carry this mind into all our activities.

Meditations on Demand

“On Demand” Meditations (updated weekly on Sundays)

Guided by KMC San Francisco Kadampa Teachers

To register, click here

One meditation per week, guided by a Kadampa Buddhist teacher, available for you to watch on your time schedule!

Each meditation will include two simple and practical meditations and a brief teaching, all taken from the Buddhist tradition.

You will be sent a link to watch or listen to the meditation session anytime, as often as you like, during that week.

(Meditations become available on Monday and expire on Sunday. If you register after Monday, you will receive the link to the meditation for that week and it will expire on Sunday.)


$5/meditation good for one week
Free for members.


Eva Brzeski, Kathleen Thurston, Gunther Huang, Bartty Juan, Judith Sweet, Alise Halbert

QUESTIONS?  Email: epc@meditateinsanfrancisco.org