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MONTH Dates Event
Jan 3-7 Lamrim Retreat – Guided Sat/Sun Gen Choma, Unguided Mon-Wed
Jan 10-14 Vajrayogini Retreat – Guided Sat/Sun Gen Choma, Unguided Mon-Wed
Jan 17 Workshop – How to Meditate, followed by Center Cherishing
Jan 31 Retreat – Amitayus Retreat
Feb 14 Workshop – Healing the Heart thru Love with Gen Kelsang Chokyi from KMC San Diego
Feb 21-22 TTP Retreat – Refuge Retreat
Feb 27 Mar 1 Statue Filling & Mantra Rolling Weekend with Gen Kelsang Chokyan from KMC Tampa
Mar 13-15 Weekend Away Retreat – The Art of Mindful Living, Gen Kelsang Choma
Mar 21 Workshop – How to Meditate with David Robb
Mar 28 Compassionate Protector of the World: Empowerment of Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara, Gen Kelsang Choma
Apr 4 Event NKT Day – Intro to Tantra with Gen Kelsang Wangpo, Resident Teachet Tushita Buddhist Center, Olympia, WA
Apr 11 Bowling for Bodhichitta at Presidio Bowling Center
April 15 Nyung Na Fasting Retreat – Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, Gen Choma
Apr 24-29 NKT-IKBU US National Festival – Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment with Gen-la Dekyong
May 2 Workshop – Overcoming Anger, Kelsang Chogyop, Resident Teacher, Mahakaruna Center, Penngrove, CA
May 16 Workshop – How to Meditate
May 22 -27 NKT-IKBU UK Spring Festival – Medicine Buddha Empowerment with Gen-la Khyenrab
June 4 Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day, Gen Choma
June 5 Public Talk w/ Gen Jampa from KMC Texas
June 12 -14 CA Dharma Celebration – Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment with Gen Rigpa KMC CA
 June 27 Workshop – How to Meditate
July 4 Interdependent Day BBQ at Residence
July 11-15 TTP Retreat – Guru Yoga Mandala Retreat
July 18  Workshop – Clear Mind at Work with Susan Tait
July 24-August 8 NKT-IKBU UK Summer Festival
August 1 Workshop – How to Meditate and Center Cherishing
August 23 Post Summer Festival review, Gen Kelsang Choma
Sept 4-7  Cultivating A Peaceful & Happy Mind – Weekend Away Retreat in the Los Altos Hills – Post Summer Festival Retreat with Gen Kelsang Choma & Kelsang Chogyop
Sept 20 Course – Concentration Retreat Prep with Gen Kelsang Choma
Sept 22 Buddha’s Return from Heaven Day, Gen Kelsang Choma
Sept 26 Making Every Moment Count – A Day Retreat On Death Awareness with Kelsang Chogyop
October 2-8 NKT_IKBU Int’l Fall Festival – France
 October 10 How to Rely on a Spiritual Guide with Gen Kelsang Choma
October 25 Je Tsongkhapa Day
Oct 31 – Nov 1 Vajrasattva TTP Retreat
November 7 Transforming Pain & Sickness with Gen Kelsang Choma
November 13-16 Concentration Retreat – Walker Creek Ranch, Gen Kelsang Choma and Kelsang Chogyop
November 21 Cutting Through Depression with Wisdom with Paula Kelly & Reed Sherman
December 5 Prajnaparamita Empowerment Gen Kelsang Choma
December 12-13 Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat
December 24 Festival of Lights: Compassion for All, Gen Kelsang Choma
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Special Celebration