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Venerable Geshe-la is recommending we practice Tara prayers during this time of epidemic, illness, death and fear. 

As part of our response to this pandemic we are performing Liberation From Sorrow, prayers to Buddha Tara daily at 8am and 4pm.
Buddha Tara is our mother, our Holy Mother and protector. She swiftly protects us from immediate dangers and guides us in our spiritual practice and through helping provide for our daily needs.

When our minds are anxious, unsettled, or caught in the frenzy of ordinary thinking, we can listen to, chant or even read prayers as a way to calm our minds and shift our thinking to a positive and inspired state. Prayers also strengthen our connection to the Buddhas, and the stronger that connection is, the better we are able to face adversity with courage and wisdom.
We invite you to take part in these beautiful prayers in your home at one of these times or at your convenience. They will surely benefit yourself, your family and all beings.

If you would like to purchase and download these prayers from Tharpa, here is the link: https://tharpa.com/us/catalog/product/view/id/575/s/songs-of-liberation/

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