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Dear Friends,

I hope you are staying well both physically and mentally. During these difficult and uncertain times, we’d like to share a few pieces of inspiration you might find calming and encouraging.

The theme for this first post is :Transforming Adverse Conditions with Compassion.

1) What you can watch
Here’s a free beautiful and simple 4 minute teaching from Gen-la Dekyong, the New Kadampa Tradition General Spiritual Director at the Fall Festival, 2017 in Germany.

She says there’s one simple thing for us to do when we encounter difficulties; find out what it is here: 

2) What you can listen to
If you’d like to download some meditations to listen to anytime, anywhere, here’s a link to an MP3 with three simple guided meditations to help us develop greater peace of mind and happiness and improve our relationships with others through learning to love others more and develop authentic peaceful compassion.

3) What you can read
This quote is from the book Universal Compassion: Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Quite appropriate for us right now! It’s a small book but full of power.

“In these impure times we encounter many hindrances, and so we need a special method for transforming difficult conditions into causes of spiritual paths that bring pure happiness.Adverse conditions can also be used as a way of increasing our compassion for others. When we encounter problems, we should think of the countless beings who are experiencing sufferings of every kind, often much more severe than our own, and in this way generate a wish for others to be free from their sufferings. This wish is compassion.”

As Shantideva says in Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life:Moreover, suffering has many good qualities.Through experiencing it, we can dispel pride,Develop compassion for those trapped in samsara,Abandon non-virtue, and delight in virtue.
If you want to read more, you can download the ebook and/or recorded book (and paperback) you can do so at Tharpa Publications:
The book is also available in bookstores and to order directly from Tharpa or other online booksellers. 
4) What you can meditate on:
A person who sincerely practices transforming adverse conditions into the path will find many good qualities in suffering, and so he or she will always remain calm and undaunted.
Excerpt From: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. “Universal Compassion.” 

Many people are working at KMC San Francisco to bring you live streaming classes before long. Coming up is a series on Transforming Fear and Hard Times into the Spiritual Path. You will be able to register on line for all our programs next month.

Meanwhile, to stay connected, we hope to share a specially themed post with you regularly that includes resources of things you can watch, listen to, read and meditate on.

With much love and prayers,
Gen Kelsang Choma

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