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Dear Friends,

Let’s stay connected.
1) This Sunday morning we have a special opportunity to connect online with Gen-la Jampa who will be doing a teaching on Dealing with Anxiety, live streamed from the International Kadampa Retreat Center, Grand Canyon.
One time only, this Sunday, March 22,11am – 12:30pm Pacific TimeYou can log in here:https://www.meditationinnorthernarizona.org/live-stream-page


Gen-la Kelsang Jampa is an internationally renowned Buddhist ordained teacher, the Deputy Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) and Resident Teacher of the IKRC Grand Canyon.As a senior teacher of the NKT, Gen-la has taught internationally for many years.He is well-loved for his clear and inspiring teachings and his ability to touch people’s hearts through his sincerity and loving kindness.

After this Sunday, almost all the NKT Centers worldwide will be live streaming classes on line; KMC SF included of course. 

We’ve been working very hard and many kind and savvy people have been helping to make this happen. We start next week with live GP, FP and TTP classes online. More info to follow!No doubt there will some things to work out as we venture into this new and unprecedented online world of Modern Buddhism for everyone, everywhere!Thank you for your help and for your patience.

2) The power of praying; praying connects us to pure powerful energy.
Gen Rigpa, our Western National Spiritual Director and the Resident Teacher of KMC Hollywood says, “Prayers done well are incredibly effective for transforming your state of our mind. You can go from nervous and afraid to peaceful and positive in one session!Prayers help us generate powerful, virtuous energy in our mind; they make our mind clean and pure; and they connect us to holy beings so that we receive inspiring energy and blessings into our mind.”

In his book Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully, Ven Geshe-la says,

The power of our prayers depends upon the strength and purity of our intention. If we have a genuinely compassionate motivation, our prayers will definitely be effective.Many religious people, whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist, understand the efficacy of prayer through their own experience.

Prayer is by nature intention or aspiration, and so it is essentially a mental action. The words of a prayer help us to concentrate our mind and evoke faith, but they are not the actual prayer itself. Indeed, we can pray without reciting any words. The important thing is to concentrate without distraction on the meaning of the prayers as we recite them.Because we are Buddhists we make prayers in front of an image of Buddha or a visualized assembly of Buddhas, regarding them as living Buddhas. Prayers made in front of such holy beings have great power to achieve their desired effect.


3) Buddha Tara prayers around the world and every dayat 8:00am and 4:00pm
From Liberation from Sorrow Tara prayers:

“Please quickly pacify and eliminate all interferences, evil spirits, hindrances, epidemics, and sickness,As well as all causes of untimely death,Bad dreams, ill omens, the eight fears,And all other forms of danger.”
As per Ven. Geshe-la’s recent advice, Centers are engaging in Tara prayers regularly. We are currently joining with other Centers and suggesting people can, if they wish, join in on their ownat 8:00am and/or 4:00pm from home. In the future we plan to be offering pujas/chanted prayers online.

Gren Tara.jpg
If you’re interested, you can download the e-Booklet or recordings at:
The prayers are available in a variety of languages.

Thanks for staying connected.
Much love and prayers,Gen Choma

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