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KMC SF 2020

Gen Kelsang Rigpa

Gen Kelsang Norden

Kadam Kyle Davis

Gen Kelsang Zamling



Winter Retreats:

January 4-5 and January 11-12: Lamrim Meditations from the Mirror of Dharma with Heart Jewel practice

January 18-20: Heruka Retreat with New Essence of Vajrayana practice

Special Pujas:

January 10: Vajryayogini Day with Blissful Path with tsog

January 25: Heruka Day with New Essence of Vajrayana with tsog


February 14: Love Panel and Party

February 22-24: Great Preliminary Guide Retreat: Refuge Retreat


March 13-15: California Dharma Celebration at KMCSF Hollywood: Empowerment of Dorje Shugden with Gen Kelsang Rigpa

March 21: Mending Relationships Workshop with Gen Choma


April 4: Medicine Buddha Empowerment with Gen Choma; NKT Day

April 11: How to Become a Better Meditator Workshop with visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Rigpa

April 15: Buddha’s Enlightenment Day and Ngungnay

April 23: Public Talk with Gen Choma at Temescal Works, Oakland

April 24-26:  Clarity of Mind Retreat led by Mahakaruna Buddhist Center at Earth Rise Retreat Center with Kelsang Chogyop and Gen Choma


May 2-4:  Great Preliminary Guide Retreat: Guru Yoga and Mandala Offering Retreat

May 10: Mother’s Day Talk and Brunch wth Gen Choma

May 14-17:  Soaring Like an Eagle: Clarity and Emptiness Joint Retreat with KMCSF and KMC Hollywood at International Kadampa Retreat Center, Grand Canyon with Gen Choma and Gen Rigpa

May 30: Preparing for Our Own and Other’s Death and Powa with Gen Choma


June 4: Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day and Venrable Geshe-la’s Birthday Event

June 5-7: Post-Spring Festival Retreat with visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Norden

June 12-17: US National Festival at KMC NY ; Buddha Maitreya Empowerment with Gen-la Dekyong

June 21: Father’s Day Talk and Brunch with Gen Choma

June 27: Enjoyable and Effective Meditation Practice workshop with Gen Choma


July 18: Vajrayogini Self-Inititation (HYT practitioners only)


August 22-24: Torma Making workshop with Amy Peng


September 4-7:  Labor Day Away Retreat at Hidden Villa: Post Summer  Festival Retreat with  visiting teacher Kadam Kyle Davis

September 26-28: Great Preliminary Guide Retreat: Guru Yoga and Mandala Offering Retreat


 October 16-18:  Post-fall festival retreat with visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Zamling

October 31: Tales of the Lineage Gurus and Party


November 7: International Temples Day Event and Fundraiser

November 21: Buddha Shakyamuni Empowerment with Gen Choma


 December 5: Community and Family  Craft Class

December 24: Festival of Lights: Compassion Worldwide with Gen Choma.

December 26-28: Great Preliminary Guide Retreat: Vajrasattva Purification Retreat

December 31: Alternative New Year’s Eve Celebration and Talk