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From Gen Choma 2018: What an opportunity!

As people interested in meditation and spiritual self-improvement, we have such a special opportunity to make a difference in our lives and our world. As you know, our actions (mental, physical and verbal) have an impact on those around us as well as the quality of our own experiences. Just think about the impact Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has had through his 40 years of service!

By improving our inner peace, patience, love, compassion and wisdom we can become powerful forces for good. And we have everything we need to accomplish this: a fortunate human life, good hearts, a beautiful local meditation center filled with lovely inspiring practitioners and most of all — the teachings and blessings of Buddha through the founder of this tradition, Ven. Geshe-la.

Now we just need to create some space for our own inner development by encouraging ourselves through remembering the greater meaning of our lives, reducing our distractions and creating some consistency with our practice. One of the best and easiest ways is just to show up for some classes and retreats.

I hope you can take advantage of some of the wonderful offerings on store for 2018 including lots of retreat opportunities, talks and classes almost every day of the week, branch classes around the Bay, and many special events with our own and visiting teachers.

May we each consider and joyfully actualize our 2018 personal spiritual goals. May this be your best year ever for realizing your magnificent potential for peace, happiness and benefitting others.

With love,

Gen Kelsang Choma