Meditation in Sausalito

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With Eva Brzeski

Classes to be continued in the Fall.


Stay tuned for upcoming dates.


More information:, (415) 503-1187

Learn simple, effective techniques to let go of stress and negativity and cultivate authentic happiness. This is Buddhist meditation and timeless wisdom for busy modern people. Perfect for beginners. Everyone welcome!

No pre-registration required. $12/class
More info:, (415) 503-1187


Eva Brzeski began studying and practicing Buddhist teachings in 2004. She teaches the Foundation Program on Wednesdays at KMC San Francisco as well as the Sunday morning drop-in class in Santa Rosa. Eva is well-loved for her sincerity and warmth, and shows the joy of living a spiritual life.

Classes offered on a drop-in basis or as a series.  Perfect for newcomers and for those with more experience.  No special clothing required. No pre-registration required.

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