Introduction to Meditation

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Saturday, May 13, 11:00am-12:30pm
with Gunther Huang

KMC San Francisco
3324-17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

To register, click here

This workshop provides a special opportunity to take a break from our busy activities and hectic pace of life. With gentle guidance, we leave behind our stress and concerns, and allow our mind to become calm and peaceful. This workshop is the perfect introduction to meditation.

The session will include guided meditations, practical advice on how to use meditation to free our mind from stress and anxiety, and time for questions.

PRICE: $15/Adult, $7.50/children 8-15

Gunther Huang was born as a Buddhist and is on the Teacher Training Program at KMC San Francisco. His delightful sense of humor and sincerity in his practice of meditation shines through his teachings and example.

The Temple is one block from the 16th & Mission BART station and there is a parking garage one block away on Hoff Street. More info: or (415) 503-1187


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